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  10/09 to 12/09: Fagen, Inc Mn

Millwright on Wind Farm


08/09 to 10/09: Wanzek Construction, Fargo, ND

Journeyman Millwright


03/09 to 08/09 Purchased a home, completely gutted and renovated


2008 to 03/09 AGRA Industrial Merrill, WI.


*  Structural Welder

*  Assemble and install all types of machines and equipment

*  Stainless and carbon pipe welder/fitter

*  Start-Up


2008 Fagen Inc. Mn.


*  Erect wind towers

*  Hy-Torc all bolts to factory specs


2008 SBI Mechanical Waterbury, Ne.

Pipe Welder/Fitter

*  Fit and Weld carbon and stainless pipe


2008 Weitz Industrial Cedar Rapids, Ia.


*  Structural Welder

*  Assemble and install all types of machines and equipment


2008 S.B.I. Waterbury, Ne.


*  Fabricate and weld all types of brackets and transitions

*  Combo Pipe Welder

*  Structural Welder

*  Assemble and install all types of machines and equipment


2006-2008  Fagen, Inc.,  


*  Assemble and install all types of machines and equipment

*  Fabricate and weld all types of brackets and transitions

*  Perform all types of lubrication of equipment and machine before operation and after operation

*  Certify in vertical, horizontal and overhead welding of carbon and stainless steel

*  Pre align and final alignment of all pumps, motors and shafts using laser alignment equipment

*  Weld clips for siding installation, grating, handrails, carbon, stainless pipe and structural steel

*  Layout for all machinery, equipment, tanks, and skids per print

*  Hammer drill and install anchoring systems

*  Set and level all equipment to elevation per prints using hand and precision tools of all types

  2005-2006  Rasmussen Mechanical  Sioux City, IA.

Boiler Tech

Installation and removal of all types of boilers & burners

Install and removal of all types of plumbing to include screw piping, welding of high and low pressure piping and pipefitting

Trouble shooting of flame safeguards systems

Build electrical panels for all types of boilers

Change out pop off valves and all other types of valves


2003-2005  Feed Energy Sioux City, Ia.

Maintenance Supervisor

*  All types of mechanical maintenance to include:

*  Repair of tanks-Stainless, Carbon and Fiberglass

*  Fabrication of transitions, brackets, stairs and platforms

*  Rebuild pumps and gear boxes of all types

*  Maintain and keep record of boiler operation

*  Change out all types of valves in piping systems

2003-2003  C & C Construction Lawton, Ia.

Millwright Foreman

*  Installation, removal and repair of all types of machinery, equipment, piping and transitions in grain elevators, feed mills, and fertilizer plants


2001-2003  Phillips Kiln Services  So Sioux City, NE

Repair Technician

*  Installation of new and used rotary kilns and rotary dryers

*  Certified in wire feed welding flux core

*  Air arc used for precision cutting of hardware

*  All types for repairs to kilns and dryers including gear boxes, drive gears, kiln and dryer sections

*  Operation of track torch to cut out kiln and dryer sections

*  Installation of hardware needed to hold new sections for welding

*  Submerged arc welding

*  All types of grinding to prep all sections for reassembly

*  Operation of tire grinders

*  Hot and cold alignment of kilns and dryers

*  Repair or replacement of kiln and dryer rollers

*  Removal and replacement of filler bars and shims

2000-2003 Carpenters & Millwrights Local Union 1529  Kansas City, MO

Precision Journeyman Millwright

*  Installation and removal of all types of machinery and equipment to include, power houses, automobile plants, cement plants, paper mills, box factories and packing plants, Certification 36 & 46 all positions welding

1997-2000  Mid-States Electric  So. Sioux City, NE

Apprentice Electrician

*  All types of new installation of electrical service in industrial setting

*  Conduit runs per blue prints

*  Wire pulls and lay-out per prints

*  Bend conduit and pull wire

*  Use of tuggers for wire pulls

*  Termination of transformers, lights, motor controls, motor, refrigeration units

*  Installation of switch gear and motor controls



Additional Experience:

*  Leblanc Communications- CNC Machine Operator 2-yrs.

*  IBP- Maintenance Mechanic 2-yrs.

*  Gen-Pro- Warehouse and Delivery 1-yr.

*  Missouri Valley Steel-Shear Operator 2yrs.

*  Shawn's Roofing-Owner/Operator 2 yr

*  Steve's Roofing- Roofer 2yrs.

*  Casey Roofing- Roofer 2yrs.

*  Ideal Roofing-Roofer 2yrs

*  Arizona A-Rock-Metal stud Welder 1yr.

*  Lyons Lanes-AMF Bowling Machine Mechanic 5 yr




*  Disassemble machinery and equipment to remove parts and make repairs

*  Repair and maintain the operating condition of industrial production and processing machinery and equipment

*  Examine parts for defects such as breakage and excessive wear

*  Reassemble equipment after completion of inspections, test


*  Observe and test the operation of machinery and equipment in order to diagnose malfunctions, using volt meters and other testing devices

*  Operate newly repaired machinery and equipment to verify the adequacy of repairs

*  Clean, lubricate, and adjust parts, equipment and machinery

*  Analyze test results, machine error messages, and information obtained from operators in order to diagnose equipment problems

*  Replace defective parts of machine; adjust clearances and alignment of moving parts

*  Align machines and equipment using hoists, jacks, hand tools, squares, rules, micrometers, eye levels, and plumb bobs

*  Position steel beams to support bedplates of machines and equipment, using blue prints and schematic drawings to determine work procedures

*  Insert shims, adjust tension on nuts and bolts or position parts, using hand tools and measuring instruments, to set specified clearances between moving and stationary parts

*  Move machinery and equipment, using hoists, dollies, machinery rollers, trucks, cranes and forklifts; signal crane or forklift operator

*  Attach moving parts, sub assemblies to basic assembly unit, using hand tools and power tools

*  .Lay-out for all equipment and machinery per blue prints and schematic drawings

*  Perform layout of wire pulls & conduit runs per blue prints

*  Perform terminations of motors, panels, switch gear and high voltage transformers

*  Record repairs and maintenance performed, schedule work assignments



Hammers: Brass, Sledge, Ball Peen, Claw, Steel, Dead Blow, Jack.; Lathes: Wood & Steel turning; Grinding: Die, Tire, Angle, Precision & Bench; Hoists: Chain falls, Over Head, Tuggers, Cum-a-logs, Manual, Pneumatics & Electric; Plumb Bobs; Presses: Drill, Hydraulic, Punch; Levels: Carpenter, Electronic, Laser, Precision, Eye; Threaders: Ridgid Manual & Electric; Shears: Angle, ½ Steel; Ridgid Slow Joe; Track Torch; Saws: Hand, Band, Chain, Hole, Circular, Miter, Chop; Drills: Hammer, angle, Magnetic, core; Air Impacts; Nibblers; Knock-out Punch; Robotic Welder; Volt Meters; Hydraulic Torc Wrench/Torc Wrench; Slugger Wrenches; Precision Tools: Dial indicators-Sheave, Taper, Telescoping and small hole






  1999-2000  Western Iowa Tech Community College  Sioux City, IA

§   GED

§   Electrician Diploma

o   Introduction to Microcomputers

o   Applied Mathematics

o   Communication Skills

o   Blue Print Reading

o   Basic Electrical Theory

o   Introduction to Wiring

o   Installation of Wiring Systems

o   Field Installed Commercial Systems



*  LOTO/Site “o”/Haz-Com/Fall Protection/Fire Ext./Fire Watch

Ladder Safety/Man Lift/Scissor Lift/Fork Lift/Confined Space/Site Safety

*  Rigging Class/Crane Signals

*  Laser Alignment-Ludeka and dials

*  Honeywell Controls & Safeguards

*  Auto-Flame Controls &Safe guards


1)  Dave Keleher (Alignment Technologies) 712.253.3622

2)  John Handle ( Fagen Inc) 402.910.5283

3)  Tobey Gann (Millwright Local 2158) 816.383.3686

4)  Randy Corry (Fagen Inc) 712.574.0013

P.O.BOX 5083 • SIOUX CITY, IOWA 51102
PHONE (712) 560-5810
OR (605) 214-0685