Preschool Teacher Resume

Career Goal

To be a part of the management or education stuff of a standard preschool.

Professional Background

1998- Present date: Head Education Stuff of Miss Annie Beckham's Daycare for Toddlers, California. Responsibilities such as

  • Provide a sound syllabus for uplifting the social and mental comfort as well as the intellectual welfare of the children during the day care program.
  • Implementing the required day care activities among the toddlers and the preschool children for achieving the core curriculum in a comfy and secure environment.
  • Coordinating between the supporting stuffs and assistant teachers and conduct weekly discussions for further improvisation and present evaluation.
  • Taking care of class room environment with due security measures and ask coordinator when required.
  • Conduct the necessary stuff training or stuff hiring programs and also work out for the on site training during the program is continuing.
  • Provide sound coordination and arrangement for field sprees such as lifting the children from the class rooms or the bus stops.
  • According to the testimonies of the Bureau of Nutritional Authority conduct meeting among parents for let them know about the nutritional foods.
  • Implement daily menu for serving the children various nutritious snacks with proper documentations.
1996- 1998: Stand-in Head Preschool Teacher of Rebecca Daycare Preschool Society, Washington. Responsibilities were such as
  • Oversee other teaching stuffs, organizing workers and volunteers, documenting the growth report and behavioral reports of children.
  • Planning and carrying out the every day activities of the preschool program, individualize the children development and make them eligible for upper grade.
1994- 1995: Worked as a trainee educator for the age group of three to five.

Educational Background

Obtain Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education as a major from the Chicago University, Chicago in the year of 1993.

Certified Courses

Have a certificate course on elementary education from the National School for Preschool Training.