Librarian Resume Samples

The best approach for a librarian resume will be to focus mainly on your organizational and customer service skills as these abilities form the foundation of the librarian’s role. Any potential employer would like to know that you excel in these areas.

Ideally the resume should follow a very clear and decisive plan that the employer can easily follow and gain an understanding of your relevant experience and education in a relatively short time.

You can adapt the sample resume to fit your particulars but the typically the best format is along the lines of the following outline:

Contact Details:

This is customary procedure and any employer will count on finding this information right at the beginning of a resume. Keep it simple with precise facts, particularly providing phone number and email details which you are able to answer almost immediately.


A potential employer is naturally interested to know your academic background. Under this heading you place your qualifications beginning with your highest award or degree. You also add the particular organization which you attended and the year you completed the award.

Professional Experience or Work History

In this section you need to create a match between what the employer is seeking and the skills and experience that you can offer. The closer these correspond the better are your chances of getting the job.

You need to point out the reasons why you are the best possible candidate for the particular position. This means writing with the employer’s needs at the forefront of your mind and not be solely concerned with simply listing your skills and experience.

Librarian resumes should also highlight any special duties that you may have undertaken over and above your required role. An employer will be impressed to see if you have shown initiative and resourcefulness, as these are highly valued in the workplace and make you a much more sought after employee.

Optimize your resume to bring out any unique factors that will make your resume stand out from the other applicants. It is very likely that you may all have similar qualifications and experience so you need to come up with something different that is highly valued by your prospective employer.

Think about how your skills can make a difference to the particular organization. You may have a special area of librarianship or customer service to offer that could enhance your future workplace. You may have started a new service for library clients in previous job or perhaps used a special computer program that will benefit library customers. Perhaps you set up a really successful and memorable display or made new shelf arrangements that provided better space and access, or maybe instigated a children’s holiday program.

Ultimately an employer will hire a librarian not only for their qualifications but for the added value that they are able to bring to the organization.

Finally use keywords throughout your librarian resume – words that apply to the particular position and have been used in the job advertisement. These will help your resume to be found when hiring managers are looking for librarians.