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How to write an Administrative Assistant Resume

The role of administrative assistant can be found in almost every organization. As such there are a lot of jobs to be found in this area, and also quite a lot of competition. This is exacerbated by the fact that it is a common entry point into an organization for new graduates. 


All of this requires that applicants for these roles have to tailor their administrative assistant resumes appropriately to each job. As a general rule, the sample administrative assistant resume outline listed here is applicable for most administrative assistant jobs. Some administrative assistant resume samples can be found on the Internet by doing a search and they can give you additional tips, but they may not be structured in the most appropriate way. The following structure is suggested for the most effective administrative assistant resume:


Contact Details

Right at the top your full name should be listed. Beneath this you should put in your contact details, including telephone numbers (landline and cell phone) plus an email address for an account that you check frequently, and also your home address. Students may include both their home address and address at university.



Objectives help to demonstrate what your administrative assistant resume is trying to achieve. Objectives are one sentence that defines the goals of your resume. Tailor these for each job application, to demonstrate that you are interested in the specific job being targeted. This administrative assistant resume sample recommends objectives something like this:


Organized and highly efficient individual with a passion for learning seeks administrative assistant role in blue chip company in the industry. 



Administrative assistant roles tend to be at a lower level within an organization. Nethertheless, administrative assistant candidates with significant work experience may want to include a hard hitting profile at the top of their administrative assistant resume. Profiles are comprised of four to-the-point sentences which provide a highlighted summary of the candidate’s most important experience and skills relevant to each specific job application. Sample administrative assistant resumes include profiles such as:


Multi skilled administrative with more than 5 years experience working in busy operational environments in the media industry. Versatile individual with outstanding organizational skills who is able to juggle a variety of tasks at once. Ability to prioritize and supervise the work of small administrative teams where required. Good all-round communicator with the ability to work with individuals at all levels within companies. 


This sample administrative assistant resume shows how keywords can be worked into your administrative assistant resume profile for greater effect with the search engines. Here, keyword examples included are “organizational skills” and “administrative assistant”. 


Administrative assistant roles can exist across many parts of an organization. It is possible to find administrative assistants in finance, human resources, marketing, operations and working as personal assistants in some cases too. If there are specific software programs or skills relevant to the area in which you specialize, these could be included as keywords in your profile also. Keywords are covered in more detail below. 


Profiles take up the most important “real estate” area of your resume—the top third of the first page. This is where hiring managers find their eyes automatically drawn. Making this profile stand out will increase your chances of securing a position with a company quite significantly. Otherwise your administrative assistant resume might get consigned to the trash basket.


Administrative Assistant Education

Education sections should be listed in reverse chronological order and it is necessary to start with your most recent job. Any qualifications specific to the role should be included here. In your education section, include: subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their locations, graduation dates and also any professional qualifications achieved. 


Administrative Assistant Work Experience 

Your administrative assistant work experience also needs to appear in reverse chronological order. Work toward displaying achievements rather than tasks. Every administrative assistant has at some time or another managed the filing. This doesn’t make you stand out. Focusing on how you improved a filing system making it easier for everyone to use is much more likely to draw attention to your resume and lift it up above the crowd. This sample administrative assistant resume recommends write your bullet points in this manner:

  • Initiated new Google Calendar system in the organization to make the booking of meetings with managers significantly more efficient. 


  • Developed new way of processing invoices to ensure that each was handled more rapidly, increasing customer satisfaction. 

Include power words at the start of your bullet points, as these will strengthen up your achievements and make you more attractive to employers. These are also known as “action verbs”. Here, we’ve used “Initiated” and “Developed”. Including these action verbs will draw attention to your specific role in different situations and better highlight your achievements.  



Those who have recently graduated and who are looking to secure an entry level role in an administrative assistant environment might want to put in relevant student activities that show how they performed administrative assistant tasks, perhaps for student clubs or organizations, or maybe through volunteering. 



Administrative assistant resumes need to include keywords and keyword phrases that hiring managers will look for when searching online for suitable applicants for their jobs. A good sample administrative assistant resume will include a variety of keywords and phrases throughout, specific to the particular job. For example, finance administrative assistants might want to include keywords such as “processed invoices” and “finance assistant”. HR administrative assistants might instead use “managed annual leave requests” or “kept accurate records of sick time”. It really all depends on the job that the applicant is applying for. 



This example shows how a sample administrative assistant resume is best laid out and how to organize and write them for a better chance of getting a job quickly. For those still at school, your university may also be able to provide you with sample administrative assistant resumes to consider. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.