Sample Production Manager Cover Letter Example

Sample Production Manager Cover Letter

Dear ,   As an accomplished product manager with broad experience in video, film, fashion and print, I am able to leverage my expertise in a wide range of projects requiring creative strategy, design, and multi-media solutions. While I find my current role as art director for one of the largest video production and distribution companies in the country to be rewarding on many levels, I am taking the time to explore new challenges where my managerial and creative leadership skills can be used to their fullest advantage. Because of my enthusiasm for the work done at [Confidential], I would be very interested in arranging an introductory meeting with you to discuss current opportunities with your organization.   Offering diverse business skills and a solid commitment to sharpening the competitive edge, I am an expert coordinator of operational and administrative functions supporting corporate branding, product development, and marketing. Additional professional highlights include:   **Developing branding and marketing strategies for media trailers, websites, ads, catalogs, key art and other media.   **Shaping the look-and-feel of products for private label companies such as Sideout, Aesthetics SkateBoard and Apparel, Sonoma, Maui and Sons, Metro Interactive, Speed Sport, Toxic Entertainment, Fusion, Shift Gear and Harley Rose.   **Conducting negotiations and concluding contractual agreements with international vendors in Mexico, El Salvador, and other countries.   **Managing budgets for supplies, materials, and human resources; ensure the efficient use of materials, labor and equipment to meet production targets. Bilingual in English and Spanish, and with a proven track record in the industry, I can effectively collaborate with technical and creative staff to fulfill the requirements of discerning clients. My focus is on total quality control, managing with precision and cost-effectiveness, and coordinating workflow that crisply aligns with end user requirements.   A confidential discussion of our mutual needs would be welcome. Thank you for your time and consideration   Yours sincerely,