Fraud Investigator Cover Letter




This cover letter is in reference to position of Fraud Investigator with



I feel that my qualifications and extensive Fraud Prevention and administrative support experience with several globally known Internet Corporations will be a perfect fit within your Organization.

I have 8 + years expertise working with some High Risk Online Merchants, in a Card not present environment, preventing and investigating Fraud.



I also have extensive experience with working with Financial Organizations, Payment Gateways, and Law Enforcement Agencies.


I have been successful in these positions, with advanced level fraud prevention, solo decision making, and crisis handling with little or no supervision. The companies I have worked for have all had a substantial increase in revenue, and membership; with decreased fraud loss, and increased organizational efficiency during my employment.


I enjoy the challenge, of complex, critical processes, in a fast-paced environment that allow me to use my problem solving skills.

I am requesting employment in this position. I look forward to working with the staff and customers; while minimizing fraudulent transactions and protecting customer confidences in your product(s).


I’m enclosing a copy of my resume. Please refer to the attached Resume for review of my qualifications. I also have additional documents and professional references for you review.


If you have questions, please call me at M: () or email me at .com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you,