Sample Google Administrator Cover Letter Example

Sample Google Administrator Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Nelson:

The purpose of this letter is to state my interest in your company’s temporary position advertised on The position is for uploading campaigns into Google’s AdWords Editor

I have nine-years of work experience at a top U.S. mutual fund company where I used Excel extensively and am knowledgeable about pivot tables. Other applications that I am proficient in include MicroStrategy 8.0, SAP and Word. If not familiar with an application or system, I learn rapidly.

I am already studying about managing campaigns on the Google AdWords Learning Center and am confident I will be up and running with little or no explanation about the Google AdWords site and its campaign management tools.

For more details about the responsibilities I’ve held and the technical abilities that I can bring to, please see my resume on the following page. My salary requirement is $20 per hour. is on the forefront of directing internet traffic and online advertising and I want to contribute to the company’s success. I ask to be considered for this opportunity and look forward to meeting with you.