Business Development Cover Letters

Sample Cover Letters Category: Business Development

Wiring an excellent business development cover letter is the first stage of your job application process. It is also the most important because it will more than likely decide the fate of your application. If the potential employer likes what they read and there is something that captures their attention then your letter has succeeded in its role. Your resume will be read with interest.

There are some essential strategies to use to attract interest and attention and you will need to write your letter by employing some skillful tactics. These approaches are taken from successful sales methods because a cover letter is actually a selling device that you use to promote yourself.
If the job advertisement does not include the hiring manger’s name it is advisable to make some inquiries and find out the name and correct spelling of the person who is going to read your letter. This achieves your first “bonus point’ and displays your courtesy and initiative.

Introductory Paragraph

After addressing your letter you need to write and engaging first paragraph which will immediately get attention. State your interest in the company and position. Here’s where you can show further enterprise. Do a little research to find out any item of information about the organization to mention in your introductory paragraph. Things such as new developments, a press release and company stocks are easy to locate. This makes the letter more personal and will separate it from the masses.
Sometimes the organization may be too small and it is difficult to find any suitable information on line or in magazines and newspapers. However a phone call to the company for a brochure or newsletter can provide any number of facts to use to demonstrate your interest.

Company Needs

The next paragraphs of your business development cover letter need to show that your experience and achievements are a great match for the position. Write with short, clear sentences and use bullet points to show that your abilities match their requirements and even surpass them. Be concise and give examples of your abilities and how they will benefit the organization. Use the job advertisement carefully and address each requirement and skill that is stated. Begin with your strongest and most impressive attribute and write in a positive and professional tone.

Final Paragraph

A short paragraph to end your letter needs to express your appreciation for their time in reading your application and ask to be given a chance to meet and talk about your capabilities and expand on your ideas for contributing to the company.
Check your letter carefully several times for spelling, grammar and typing mistakes as these are unprofessional to say the least. business development cover letters need to show attention to detail and absolute professionalism.