Advertising Cover Letters

Sample Cover Letters Category: Advertising

If you work in advertising you are probably turning out brilliant advertising copy on a regular basis as part and parcel of your profession. However you may be rather mystified and a little at sea when it comes to creating a top notch cover letter for a job application.
However, your advertising cover letter is really a matter of creating another advertisement but this time it is for yours truly. You can employ many of the same techniques that you are well acquainted with. You need to create interest in the ‘product’, namely yourself, followed by desire for it and then make the call to action. Your cover letter can follow these exact strategies.
You need to demonstrate that you posses the requirements being sought and very possibly exceed them. Keep your letter brief and to the point. Connect your expertise, skills and experience with each of the job requirements. Make these your selling points and format them in a bulleted list. Stick to the facts and don’t be carried away and try to write an “autobiography”. This is where you will create interest in the ‘product’.
Keep the needs of the employer as a focus for your writing. It is all about what you can do for this organization, your possible contributions and the benefits you can offer. This paragraph is pivotal in creating the desire for the “product”. In other words the employer will be sufficiently interested in reading your resume to find out more about your capabilities.
Try to personalize your letter by referring to some information that you have discovered about the organization, some news item from a newsletter or company report. This creates more interest in your application and shows your initiative and enthusiasm.

Concluding your Advertising Cover Letter

Write a straightforward and simple concluding paragraph. This will be quite short but persuasive. You need to thank them for the time taken to read your letter and application and then request a chance for a meeting where you can give more details of your ideas and possible contributions to the company.

Final Note

Don’t let yourself down by having any grammatical or spelling errors and typos in your letter. These detract from all the effort that has gone into creating first class content. advertising cover letters with errors such as these are usually headed for the trash can as it is a simple way for an employer to begin the process of sorting applications. These show a definite lack of care and attention to detail and will pay the price. It is so simple to avoid this from happening and takes a few extra minutes of proofreading your final copy. Make your application a success by following the above advice and creating an unbeatable cover letter.