Sample Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

 June 26, 2008



The Hiring Manager




I hope this letter finds you well.


In the interest of exploring employment opportunities with your company, I have attached a copy of my resume for your review.  I am seeking the position of a part-time Administrative Assistant, posted on, where my broad skills and extensive background will be of mutual benefit.  I believe my credentials reflect my ability to interface effectively and efficiently with all levels of management, employees, clients, and vendors, and the distinct situations that involve them. 


I am a motivated, self-starting, and goal-oriented person with proven abilities in helping uncomplicated the lives of executives and senior management.  Likewise, I am highly competent in the overall management of a professional office.  I have flourished in my work in the areas of administration, business development, finance, project management, operations and sales.  Additionally, I am a creative problem-solver with a talent to steam line processes, improve morale, resolve conflict and exceed realistic goals.  Most importantly, I always bring personal integrity, honesty and strong work ethics in my profession.   Other qualities and qualifications that I can bring to your company include:


×          Outstanding ability to work comfortably and efficiently within a challenging, changing, and high stress environment while exercising flexibility, teamwork, and an exceptional  aptitude in learning new concepts in a short amount of time and utilize them with great ease thereafter


×          Possession of a strong business sense honed by years of highly professional business experiences combined with excellent organizational quotient, communication, time management and customer service skills


×          Being a take-charge person who can wear