Administration Cover Letters


Your administration cover letter is the first thing that a potential employer will see when receiving your job application. The purpose of the letter is really to attract their interest and win them over. They will then continue on and read your accompanying resume.

A successful cover letter needs to use some specific techniques in order to ‘make the grade’ and be effective in its purpose.

Do Some Research

The first piece of advice is to find out about your potential employer and the company. It is not difficult to find plenty of information about companies, personnel and interesting facts on websites by doing a simple online search. You may be able to find items of interesting information that you can use in the letter.
It is also a nice touch to use the name of the person who will read your letter by calling the company and finding out their particulars. This adds a personal touch to your administration cover letter and shows that you have made the extra effort. You are then able to address and greet the appropriate person and make an impressive start.

Opening Paragraph

Here you can make a unique introduction and show that you have done some homework and know relevant facts about the company. Mention that you were interested to see a certain news report or recent development about the organization or you read an item online. Other captivating openings can be worded to make an impact. For example you might say
  • ‘I have recently been researching opportunities in administration and your company captured my attention because my background appears to correspond well with your needs’.
It is good practice to open with something about the company to instantly gain interest. It is the first step in having your letter read further and establishing the desire to read the attached resume. Your cover letter is a sales letter that must generate interest and lead the reader to discover more information.

The Company Comes First

Write another paragraph about the reasons for your interest in the job and working for the particular organization. Keep it short and focus and how you can use your expertise to bring benefits and enrichment to the company. You need to provide some practical examples to illustrate your skills.

Final Paragraph

This can be short and simple, thank the reader for their consideration and state that you are looking forward to an interview in the near future.
It goes without saying that an administration cover letter needs to be absolutely perfect, without spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. One error is enough to have a letter dispatched to the waste paper bin without an extra thought. Hiring managers have many applications to examine and this is an easy method of elimination. Make sure that yours is among the ‘must contact’ ones by taking a little time with proofreading.