Accounting Cover Letters

Sample Cover Letters Category: Accounting

Your accounting cover letter is an essential part of your job application process. Its prime function is to grab the attention of the reader and convince them that your resume is worth spending their valuable time reading.

There are some important strategies to use when writing your letter if you want to have it noticed.

Personalize Your Letter

Take the trouble to do a little research and find out the name of the hiring manager. It is well worth that little extra effort. Websites are ideal for locating this type of information and newsletters and magazines can also be helpful. If all else fails a phone call to the company can resolve the problem.
You can then address the letter to the right person, make sure that it is spelled correctly and you are off to a great start.

Introductory Paragraph

This should be immediately appealing to the reader. After all a cover letter is really a sales letter. You need to capture attention quickly. Most cover letter writers begin by writing about themselves but it is much more attractive and interesting if you begin by mentioning a small item of information about the company that has recently been published or is featured on their website. You could mention things such as new projects under way, recent awards or press releases. It is not difficult to locate these types of facts.
If there is no news about the particular company readily available you can be creative and begin with more generalized statements such as these examples:
  • With the current shortage of qualified and motivated accountants today, I feel convinced that it would be beneficial for us to meet and have a talk.
  • The state of play in accounting today is changing so rapidly that it is becoming quite difficult for many professional to keep pace. I am an exception and very keen to bring my expertise and experience to enhance your company.

Needs of the Company

The next paragraph should state why you are interested in the company and particular job. Cleverly combine your abilities with the needs of the company. Show how your main skills and experience can best assist the company. Use short and concise language in an accounting cover letter. Remember the letter should not be more than a single page.
Match your most relevant skills to the job description and provide clear examples that support your claims. Keep the tone of the letter professional and positive.

Ask for the Interview

End the letter by making it clear that you would like to meet and ask for the opportunity for a meeting.
Make absolutely certain that there are no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors and typos as you need to demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail. Only the highest standard is acceptable for accounting cover letters.