Our Free Resume Builder

ResumeBucket's free resume builder allows you to create a professional resume in five easy steps. Once you enter your personal and professional details, you choose one of our free resume templates and then you're ready to share! The steps...

Contact Information

First, you will enter information that ResumeBucket will use to contact you when employers are interested in discussing available positions with you. ResumeBucket will not give your contact information to employers without consent.

Work Experience

The second step in the Resume Builder is entering your work experience. You will enter each of your past jobs/engagements, as well as any details including date ranges, responsibilities, etc.


All relevant education is entered in this step. This could include high school, colleges and universities, post-secondary education, and doctorate programs.


Any career certifications that you have obtained are entered in this step. The Resume Builder is flexible, and allows you to add details around each certification.


Many employers will want to speak with both personal and professional references to get a better feel for how you will fit into their organization. The Resume Builder allows you to add any number of references, which will appear at the bottom of your resume.


The last step in the Resume Builder is to choose your template and publish! Once your resume has been created, you have the option to publish in many ways, including creating your own ResumeBucket account with a unique URL that can be used for sharing your resume. One of the main benefits of storing your resume on ResumeBucket is the easy access for both you and employers. Your resume will always exist, in one place, and you'll never have to look through emails to find it. You can use our resume editor to make updates as frequently as you like. In addition, many of our users are passively contacted by employers who find their resumes on the site.

Thanks for trying our free Resume Builder, and let us know if you have any questions!