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Companies are looking to fill specific positions, so they search for job titles that match the vacancy. Popular keyword terms these days are “manager,” “management,” “supervisor,” and “product manager,” according to a study released this week by, which surveyed the search patterns of 1,500 employers.

A great personal branding site where job-seekers can upload up to 20 versions of your resume, which are then converted to Web pages, so that they are available online (each with a unique URL) 24/7 from anywhere in the world -- fully searchable (unless you want to keep it private) and edited with or without HTML tags. The site also includes a quick job-search feature using No cost to job-seekers.

ResumeBucket is a service that enables you to post a resume quickly online. The site provides you with a unique URL for your resume and enables you to promote your resume on your website or blog with embeddable ResumeBucket badges. In addition, resumes are shareable via popular social bookmarking and social networking sites.

Resume sites like Emurse and ResumeBucket allow you to create and share an online resume that can also be PDF'd or printed out. Keep things brief and concise--you can expound in your cover letter and interview--and please, oh please, say the experts: avoid jargon.

Los Angeles-based ResumeBucket, the online resume site headed by Josh Stomel, reported today that management and sales are the highest typed keywords of recruiters searching the site. The site--which allows users to post their resumes, search for jobs, and also allows recruiters to look for resumes--said that the top keywords for Q3 were for management and business executives (Manager, Management, Supervisor, Product Manager), with 13,878 searches in Q3.

Students can also go through their major department in finding and setting up internships. Sites like and help students get in contact with employers.
Ted Heckman is a co-founder of, a free service that allows students to upload their resumes and network with employers.
Heckman said there is one thing prospective interns can do that far surpasses all other efforts in finding an internship and that is having a referral from someone inside the company.

The No. 1 keyword by far: "sales," which appeared in one out of every four searches. Other popular keywords include "accountant," "customer service" and "PERL," a computer programming language, according to ResumeBucket, a career site that analyzed more than 400,000 searches carried out by employers on its website.< br/> "The best thing for a candidate to understand is that often the employer is only spending 20 to 30 seconds and they’re only looking at the top of the résumé," said Ted Hekman, a former recruiter who launched ResumeBucket two years ago. "They’re only looking for a few key phrases, and when they see those, they’ll dig deeper."

With the increased use of the Internet for job applications and searches, “sales” is the top term that recruiters and human resources managers search for online when trying to find candidates for job openings, according to a survey of 3,500 people by

"It definitely seems like there are people who will apply for anything they think they have a shot at," said Ted Hekman, CEO of, an online employment service that lets job seekers create personalized Web pages for posting and editing their résumés.
The website features free online job posting for employers.
Hekman created the site to have an online parking area of sorts for people who need to access their résumés quickly when a job opening becomes available.

Los Angeles-based, the online resume listing service, said today that it has rolled out a new suite of services geared at human resources managers. The firm said that it has added new search tools, ability to add personal comments on candidat resumes, and new widgets for employer websites.