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Experience Summary

·   MBA Accountant with expertise in GAAP, SOX, FAR, CAS and DCAA compliance

·   Management of accounting department: GL, AP, AR, payroll, revenue and interco

·   GL and project cost accounting, period end close and financial statement analysis

·   Audit liaison with DCAA for Government contract costs, and CPA's for SEC filings

·   CAS Disclosure statements, forward pricing/provisional billing, incurred cost claims

·   ERP structure design, system implementation, training and process documentation

·   Acquisition integration, budgets/forecasts, rate variances and cost impact analysis

·   Business process review and improvements to incorporate best business practices

MBA in Accounting - University of Phoenix

Computer Skills
Deltek Costpoint, Time & Expense, Cognos8, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Visio



Advanced C4 Solutions in (work from home) November 2009 - Present

Project Manager for Deltek Costpoint Implementation (Independent Consulting Contract)
·   Deltek Costpoint ERP System Implementation for Government contractor clients.
·   Advise and assist client with the design and development of financial architecture.
·   Attain or maintain compliance with GAAP, SOX, CAS, FAR, DCAA requirements.
·   Design organizational hierarchy and contract / project work breakdown structures.
·   Develop chart of accounts to accommodate multiple financial reporting objectives.
·   CAS Disclosure Statement review to ensure consistent compliant system settings.
·   Pool set up to match Forward Pricing, Provisional Billing and Incurred Cost Claim.
·   Analyze client's policies and procedures to recommend processing improvements.
·   Create customized documentation of system configuration and process workflows.
·   Draft individual step-by-step user desk procedures, schedules, forms and reports.
·   Train management and users on new system requirements, functions and features.
·   Coordinate client departments to confirm cross-functionally compatible workflows.
·   Establish effective reconciliation processes to ensure accurate and consistent data.
·   Recommend month end close schedule to reduce financial reporting cycle timeline.

·   Project nearing completion prompting exploration of challenging new opportunities.


L-3 Communications - Applied Technologies Group - San Diego - 2008 to 2009  
Business Process Analyst (Consultant for the first six months, employee last six months)

Advised and assisted VP of Finance with his vision for improvements in organization
·   Worked with managers of Accounting, Finance, HR, Payroll, Contracts and Purchasing.
·   Reviewed SOX control narratives, compared to current practices, drafted update to clarify.
·   Compared CAS Disclosure Statements for three entities to prepare a cost impact analysis.
·   Liaison with DCAA auditor on classified contract timecard floor checks at multiple facilities.
·   Prepared plan for implementing changes to best business practices with minimal conflicts.
·   Research accounting issues to identify underlying cause and propose solutions to resolve.
·   Observe and recommended improvements to existing policies, procedures and processes.
·   Informed management of potential DCAA audit risk observed in current company practices.

Advised and assisted IT Manager with decentralization of Deltek Costpoint system*
·   Provided directions to two other outside consultants working remotely on Costpoint project.
·   Initiated pre-conversion clean-up of excess data to minimize transfers of unnecessary data.
·   Developed list of requirements for system data verifications and system function validations.
·   Identified data to be deleted or inactivated from multiple entity database that was inherited.
·   Introduced users to system control screens previously managed by centralized department.
·   Explained multiple system functions and features and the associated system requirements.
·   Suggested improvements for consistency between companies for improved system reports.
·   Recommended changes to simplify current system setup to increase usability of all output.  

Cubic Corporation, Inc. - Defense Contractor - San Diego - 2005 to 2008  

Corporate Government Accounting Compliance Audit Liaison (2006 - 2008)
·   Government contract cost accounting and compliance audit liaison with DCAA and DCMA.

·   DCAA Audits and inquiries covering CAS, FAR, ICE, FPRA, MAAR, CPSR, DP and ICQ's.
·   Responsible for six unique entities; services, manufacturing, corporate; revenue ~ $890M.
·   Managed average of 10-15 simultaneous audits with 5-10 different auditors and passed all.
·   Developed six new unique ICE (incurred cost electronic) models for the annual submission.
·   Updated five CASB disclosure statements to be consistent with entity accounting practices.
·   Monitored actual rate variances between proposed, billed, incurred, claimed and approved.
·   Analyzed detail expenses and provided reports to management and government agencies.
·   Held monthly meetings with Senior VP's to keep them current on audit issues and status.
·   Recommend several improvements to management in accounting and compliance areas.
·   Document and implemented multiple government accounting and reporting requirements.
·   Advised management of significant potential DCAA audit risk observed; suggest solutions.
·   Cleaned up a large backlog of long overdue items that DCAA had been waiting to receive.

·   Significantly improved entity relations with ACO, DCAA Audit Supervisor & in-house DCAA.

Cubic Corporation, Inc. -- Continued…

Corporate Manager of Financial Planning and Reporting (2005 - 2006)  
·   Managed six CPAs in general accounting and preparation of 6 financial statements.
·   Consolidation of financial statements for quarterly SEC filings, foreign and domestic.
·   $890M annual revenue, defense / commercial, manufacturing / services operations.
·   Reconciled intercompany with foreign subsidiaries in Canada, UK, NZ and Australia.
·   Generated audit schedules supporting E&Y quarterly financial stmt and SOX audits. 

ComGlobal Systems - Defense (2004-2005) Acquired by Analex/QinetiQ

Corporate Controller
·   Improved month end close cycle from over sixty to five day close; Revenue ~$40M.
·   Developed month end close process schedule identifying prerequisite deadlines etc.
·   Supervised corporate accounting staff of four: A/P, A/R, Payroll, G/L, Intercompany.
·   Responsible for sub-period closings for biweekly billing and project status reporting.
·   Reviewed costs for proper accounting in compliance with GAAP, FAR & CAS rules.
·   Generated consolidated company financial statements including BOD presentations.
·   Prepared budgets for defense contract provisional billings, and forward pricing rates.
·   Created audit schedules to assist with Deloitte and Touche financial statement audit.
·   Developed incurred cost proposal / indirect rate claim submissions for DCAA audits.
·   Liaison responsible for coordinating audits with CPA's, DCAA, and state tax auditors.
·   Documented policies and procedures for clear and consistent accounting operations.
·   Coordinated due diligence auditors and data for shareholders and investment banks.
·   Prepared and provided daily reports of specified financial ratios during final months.
·   Assisted CFO and CEO with various tasks as requested during company acquisition. 

Titan Corporation, Inc. (1998-2004) Acquired by L-3 Communications (NY)

Corporate Accounting Manager
·   Accounting lead for corporate 2002 conversion to Deltek Costpoint; Revenue ~$2B.*
·   Improved month end close cycle from almost 90 days to 5 day close and reporting.
·   Developed new company chart of accounts and mapping from prior ledger system.
·   Supervised corporate accounting staff of five: A/P, A/R, Payroll, G/L, intercompany.
·   Designed and directed intercompany transactions and recons with 40 acquisitions.
·   Reviewed costs for proper accounting in compliance with GAAP, FAR & CAS rules.
·   Recorded and reconciled stock option exercises with ~80 million shares outstanding.
·   Reconciled common, preferred and treasury stock transactions for EPS calculations.
·   Created monthly corporate financial statements for consolidation and for SEC filings.
·   Developed incurred cost proposal / indirect rate claim submissions for DCAA audits.
·   DCAA audit liaison for annual audits of Corporate Incurred Cost Claim submissions.  

ComGlobal Systems - Defense (1998-1999) Acquired by Analex/QinetiQ

Independent Consultant (Worked as a 2nd job part-time evenings and weekends)

·   Advised and assisted team with implementation of Deltek Costpoint ERP system* Horizons Technology 1985-1998 / Acquired by Titan / L-3 Communications 

Corporate Senior Staff Accountant (1992-1998) - Converted onto Deltek Costpoint.*

Corporate Supervisor of Payroll & A/P (1988-1992) - Converted Payroll to be online.

Corporate Accounts Payable Specialist (1985-1988) -   Decentralized A/P to divisions. 

*Details related to Deltek Costpoint implementations at five entities above:

As Accounting Lead (and User) with IT Team Leader, performed the following set-ups:
·   Explained Three Pillar System to management and suggested plans for ERP structure
·   Drafted Org structure, mapped old to new in Excel, then setup in Costpoint G/L module
·   Drafted GL Accounts, mapped old to new in Excel, then setup in Costpoint G/L module
·   Drafted Org/Account Links in Account file in Excel, then setup in Costpoint G/L module
·   Drafted Account Entry Groups by function in Excel, then setup in Costpoint G/L module
·   Drafted Pools, Bases, Service centers, Allocations in Excel, setup in Costpoint module
·   Drafted PAG's (Project Account Group) in Excel, then setup Costpoint Projects module
·   Drafted Customer list, mapped old to new in Excel, then set up in Costpoint AR module
·   Drafted Project Labor Categories, mapped in Excel, setup in Costpoint Projects module
·   Drafted Billing formula list in Excel by Project, then set up in Costpoint Projects module
·   Drafted Revenue formulas in Excel by Project, then set up in Costpoint Projects module
·   Drafted Projects, mapped old to new in Excel, then setup in Costpoint Projects module
·   Drafted AP Vendor list, mapped old to new in Excel, then setup in Costpoint AP module
·   Drafted Employee Pay Types and Leave Types & Timesheet Defaults in People module
·   Set up Employees, Benefits, Paid Leave Accruals, Payroll, and Taxes in People module
·   Drafted Financial Statements, mapped old to new in Excel & setup Costpoint GL module
·   Printed reports for all the above, verified input = output for accuracy and completeness
·   Tested functionality of all above setup, did some parallel system entries at some entities
·   Provided training to users on above set-up and many of the typical user functions/ tasks
·   Created custom user reference manuals and screen-by-screen task instruction for users
·   Provided all accounting setups required for Deltek Electronic Time & Expense software****T&E setups include employee classes, leave types, pay types, timesheet defaults, etc.