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California Sound Press
Proudly Presents

LauRee' Ward
Las Cruces New Mexico 88012
[email protected]
Primary 24hr.

Interactive Creative Director with graphic design, and pro sound background has a passion for new media,
Pursuing a career with a company that is interested in an
Innovative personality on board.
Skilled at building a strong team...
Environments and fostering open communications.
I am best in media mastering and producing,
And large events.

Desired Job Type:
Employee, Temporary/Contract/Project

Desired Status:
Full-time, part-time or peace work

Desired Salary:
$150,000.00 USD Per Year + Benefits or Negotiable
Site Location:
Any where in the world

Description of my perfect job:
Producing education, through intertainment

Career Level:
Production of Entertainmening life.
Availability: Open to new ideas of life
24 hrs. 7 Days a week any where in the world

Nothing over R rated
Category: open
Arts, Entertainment, and Media
Description of my ideal company:
One that is up and coming and ready for the computer age

US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.
All other countries I require sponsorship to work.

Software I can work with include:
Sonic, Sony, Pro Tools, Avid, Final Cut, After Effects, Macromedia, Adobe, Digitalimage, Acrsoft, Roxio, Toast, Nova, Strata, Pinnacle, AutoFX, Corel, Steinberg, Magix, Adorama, Power Productions, Lasersoft
Main stream hard projects I have been involved include:
1. Digstown cover bump / cameo bump / extra Director: Michael Ritchie
2. The Body Guard cameo bump / extra Director: Mick Jackson
3. American Hero extra Director: Steve Miner
4. Blood in blood out extra Director: Taylor Hackford
5. Death becomes her car bump /extra Director: Robert Zemeckis
6. Seduced and betrayed cameo bump / extra / hair dresser bum Director: Félix Enríquez Alcalá
7. Sinatra (1992) extra Director: James Steven Sadwith
8. Mr Saturday Night (1992) extra Director: Billy Crystal
9. Knock Off / nowhere to run (1993) cameo bump / extra Director: Robert Harmon and Hark Tsui
10. Hard Target (1993) extra Director: John Woo
11. Revenge of the Nerds 3: Next Generation (1992) extra Director: Roland Mesa
12. Moon Trip music /edit / Lighting bump / Sound FX bump Director: Monique Gaige
13. Man running music /edit / Sound FX bump Director: Monique Gaige
14. Hill Clime music /edit / Sound FX bump Director: Monique Gaige
15. Daniel's shorts for school music /edit Director: Daniel Ward
16. Sienfeld episode #23 The Parking Garage extra Director: Tom Cherones
17. Sienfeld episode #24 The Cafe extra Director: Tom Cherones
18. Sienfeld episode #26 The Nose Job extra Director: Tom Cherones
19. Sienfeld episode #39 The Parking Space extra Director: Tom Cherones
20. Nurses episode #26 The Bad Boy in the Plastic Bubble extra Director: Robert Berlinger
21. Nurses episode #27 Julie Gets Validated extra Director: Robert Berlinger
22. Nurses episode #30 Dirty Laundry extra Director: Robert Berlinger
23. Nurses episode #33 One Pequeno, Two Pequeno extra Director: Robert Berlinger
24. Pepsi Commercial Crystal Pepsi Super Bowl XXVII on January 31 1993 extra / Dancer bump
25. Coffee Commercial sound FX Director: Monique Gaige
26. November Rain Guns and Roses Music Video extra
27. Hit Me With Your Best Shot Lip sink Music Video Dancer Director: (Fast) Freddie Atton
28. Renaissance Fair Head of security
29. Reflections CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
30. Uncontrolled Substance CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
31. Agents of the desert CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
32. Made For Driving CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
33. Dimensions CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
34. Block Head CD Mastering/Producing Director: David & Daniel Ward
35. Black & White CD Mastering/Producing Director: Daniel Ward

Live Productions include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off and on for 35 years. Ranging from Modeling, Dance, Theater, Music concerts, Fund Raisers, Car shows, Hair Shows, Carnivals, State Fairs, Hair & Make-up, Costuming, Staging, Engineering, Piro tech.,
Just to name a few…Sample of work apon demand.

EDUCATION 1969/2001 EXPERIENCE 1969- Present
California Sound Press US-CA-Bakersfield
Sound engineer and software programmer,
All aspects in production of entertainment
I mix media for the net, CD projects, and movies.
I do graphics and synchronizing to video.
I have a vast knowledge of IBM software,
And I can fix and trouble shoot just about anything in IBM form.
I can work with Mac to.
I have held the highest rank in the world for 3 years in
Arts and humanities in the area of design creativity,
And content with the
International Association of Web Masters and Designers.
I am a certified web master and designer.
I have worked in over 13 movies, 1 Pepsi commercial and 10 sitcoms.
About 500 live productions, 50 I produced from concept to completion.
I have 30 years in the entertainment industry.
I am very sensitive to the times and trends.

Barbazon Modeling School, Cosmetology School, Special FX makeup, lighting, set dresser, gaffer, Key grip, security, director, actor, dancer, teacher, producer, song writer, book writer, screen writer, camera film and still, sound engineer, set construction, Digital Graphics, Editing, Talent scouting, promotion, ticket sales, fund raisers, dinner events, etc. I just don't sing!

AFFILIATIONS 1978/2001 - Present
I.A.W.M.D. active member
Cosmetology license
Home School Teacher
Certified Model
Gourmet Cook
Pyro Technician
Auto Mechanic
Wind Mill Construction (electricity)
Tellers Training Institute
Master of Music
Hypnosis Therapist
Guidance Counselor
Spiritual Leader
C++ Expert Currently used 8 years

Donna Abraham Recording CEO
Phone Number: (805) 552-2874
Email Address: [email protected]
Reference Type: Professional

I am a quick learner. I'm here to serve you to my best ability.
If we can't do it nobody can.
Here is some of my work for your review...
Some of these pages have music
So please allow the music to load,
Video: please run 2 to 3 times for best viewing.

Thank You for Your Time and Considerations...



Visualize Your Business!

CSP produces broadcast quality audio, video, web and print for a number of corporate, commercial, and consumer applications. From scripting to production, post-production to distribution and fulfillment, even staging and rentals CSP has the equipment and creative talent to turn your vision into a focused audio and visual presentation. 26 years of experience is timed proven!


The web site has samples of work you can down load if you have some time! These big files are playable with any typical sound card. These edited samples were quality reduced for shorter download time, and will give you an idea of some of the varied styles we are not limited. If you are interested in a full quality version, simply e-mail [email protected],[email protected] request to start a project we can package your project to a CD, cassette, and even synchronize it to your film and/or video. Everything is on copyright so please respect the rights of those people who put so much into the samples.


We also provide an avenue for under privileged artists to share their talents with the world. We pride our selves in not only being a nonprofit organization, but also as a music ministry bettering our community, with a positive message through music and song. We seek to provide an opportunity for up and coming adults and leaders to have the possibility of education credits, through their involvement with CSP talk to us about your project, capstone or class work and will work with you in our portfolio program. We will position California Sound Press uniquely in a niche of our own. We seek to offer our customers prompt quality with unquestionable day-in, day-out values. We will begin with our consumers point of view in developing merchandise, offerings, standards, branding and pricing bids; all forms of visual merchandising, and service levels within our specialty Web store providing an "under one roof" convenience of the Internet.

"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him."
Corinthians 2: 14

"Kings detest wrongdoing for a throne is established through righteousness." Proverbs 16:12

PS:) --> pass it on... thank-you

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