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California Sound Press
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LauRee' Ward
Las Cruces New Mexico 88012
Primary 24hr.

Interactive Creative Director with graphic design, and pro sound background has a passion for new media,
Pursuing a career with a company that is interested in an
Innovative personality on board.
Skilled at building a strong team...
Environments and fostering open communications.
I am best in media mastering and producing,
And large events.

Desired Job Type:
Employee, Temporary/Contract/Project

Desired Status:
Full-time, part-time or peace work

Desired Salary:
$150,000.00 USD Per Year + Benefits or Negotiable
Site Location:
Any where in the world

Description of my perfect job:
Producing education, through intertainment

Career Level:
Production of Entertainmening life.
Availability: Open to new ideas of life
24 hrs. 7 Days a week any where in the world

Nothing over R rated
Category: open
Arts, Entertainment, and Media
Description of my ideal company:
One that is up and coming and ready for the computer age

US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.
All other countries I require sponsorship to work.

Software I can work with include:
Sonic, Sony, Pro Tools, Avid, Final Cut, After Effects, Macromedia, Adobe, Digitalimage, Acrsoft, Roxio, Toast, Nova, Strata, Pinnacle, AutoFX, Corel, Steinberg, Magix, Adorama, Power Productions, Lasersoft
Main stream hard projects I have been involved include:
1. Digstown cover bump / cameo bump / extra Director: Michael Ritchie
2. The Body Guard cameo bump / extra Director: Mick Jackson
3. American Hero extra Director: Steve Miner
4. Blood in blood out extra Director: Taylor Hackford
5. Death becomes her car bump /extra Director: Robert Zemeckis
6. Seduced and betrayed cameo bump / extra / hair dresser bum Director: Félix Enríquez Alcalá
7. Sinatra (1992) extra Director: James Steven Sadwith
8. Mr Saturday Night (1992) extra Director: Billy Crystal
9. Knock Off / nowhere to run (1993) cameo bump / extra Director: Robert Harmon and Hark Tsui
10. Hard Target (1993) extra Director: John Woo
11. Revenge of the Nerds 3: Next Generation (1992) extra Director: Roland Mesa
12. Moon Trip music /edit / Lighting bump / Sound FX bump Director: Monique Gaige
13. Man running music /edit / Sound FX bump Director: Monique Gaige
14. Hill Clime music /edit / Sound FX bump Director: Monique Gaige
15. Daniel's shorts for school music /edit Director: Daniel Ward
16. Sienfeld episode #23 The Parking Garage extra Director: Tom Cherones
17. Sienfeld episode #24 The Cafe extra Director: Tom Cherones
18. Sienfeld episode #26 The Nose Job extra Director: Tom Cherones
19. Sienfeld episode #39 The Parking Space extra Director: Tom Cherones
20. Nurses episode #26 The Bad Boy in the Plastic Bubble extra Director: Robert Berlinger
21. Nurses episode #27 Julie Gets Validated extra Director: Robert Berlinger
22. Nurses episode #30 Dirty Laundry extra Director: Robert Berlinger
23. Nurses episode #33 One Pequeno, Two Pequeno extra Director: Robert Berlinger
24. Pepsi Commercial Crystal Pepsi Super Bowl XXVII on January 31 1993 extra / Dancer bump
25. Coffee Commercial sound FX Director: Monique Gaige
26. November Rain Guns and Roses Music Video extra
27. Hit Me With Your Best Shot Lip sink Music Video Dancer Director: (Fast) Freddie Atton
28. Renaissance Fair Head of security
29. Reflections CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
30. Uncontrolled Substance CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
31. Agents of the desert CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
32. Made For Driving CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
33. Dimensions CD Mastering/Producing Director: Dave Ward
34. Block Head CD Mastering/Producing Director: David & Daniel Ward
35. Black & White CD Mastering/Producing Director: Daniel Ward