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Michael A. Delatte

117 St. Julian Street

Schriever, LA 70395

Objective Employment with an organization that will allow me to fully utilize my knowledge, skills

Education and abilities as a technical professional.

ITI Technical College - Baton Rouge, LA

Technical Drafting Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, February 2005

  • Architectural & Civil/Structural Design

United States Army - Fort Eustace, VA

Aviation Logistics School, March 2000

  • UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Repair Course – 67T10 – 629 Hours

  • Basic Combat Training – 425 Hours

  • Driver Training Course – 16 Hours

  • Combat Lifesaver Course – 40 Hours

  • Field Sanitation Team Training Course – 40 Hours

Chrysler Corporation Apprentice Program - Goodman, MS

Holmes Community College

Associate Degree of Applied Sciences, May 1998

Automotive Training Courses:

  • TEC 0840916 Emission Inspection and Maintenance

  • TEC 0840816 On Board Diagnostic II 90B II

  • TEC 0840516 Fuel Injection Data Recording/Co-Pilot

  • TEC 0830116 Four-Cylinder Fuel Injection

  • TEC 0820224 Intro to Domestic Fuel Injection

  • TEC 0630108 Passive Restraint Seatbelt

  • TEC 0620124 Electrical Diagnostic II

  • TEC 0610124 Electrical Diagnostic I

  • TEC 0140208 Magnum Engines

  • TEC 0130108 FWD-Four Cylinder Engines

  • TEC 0120116 Engine Measurements

  • TEC 0010208 Chrysler Orientation

Chrysler Corporation Courses:

  • Piston Power – The Four Stroke Engine

  • Electricity – The Electronic Truth

  • Electricity – The Magnetic Attraction

  • Electricity – The Unseen Force

  • Brakes – Controlling the Power

  • Turbo, Superchargers and Intercoolers

  • Mass Air Flow Fuel Injection Systems

  • Speed Density Fuel Injection Systems

  • Steering and Suspension – Moving in the Right Direction

  • Wind Noise and Water Leaks – Sealing Story

  • Automotive Transaxle – Fluid Power

  • Manual Transaxle – Power, Sure and Simple

  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness

  • Antilock Brakes – Complete Control of the Power

  • Air Conditioning Made Easy

Woodlawn High School - Baton Rouge, LA

Graduated May 1996

Awards United States Military – Department of the Army

Aircraft Crewmember Badge PO#75-3 March 2000

The Army Commendation Medal PO#346-12 December 2001

The Army Achievement Medal PO#180-01 June 2001

The Army Achievement Medal PO#338-01 December 2002

Employment Louisiana University Marine Consortium – Cocodrie, LA April 2007 to May 2008

Experience Marine Technician, R/V Pelican, 115’ Research Vessel

  • Responsible for integration of scientific data acquisition equipment in vessel systems; Instrument mooring, deployment & recovery; ROV operations, maintenance & support; Dive support (including safe boat operations, first aid, & Dan 02); Operations and support for18 – 60 foot charter vessels

  • Operation: 18 - 60 Foot Vessels; Onboard Ship Systems (including GPS, Navigation, Meta ); Over-the-Side Data Acquisition & Sampling Equipment; ROV; Coring & Sampling Equipment

  • Software: MIDAS, Seabird (SeaSave, Seasoft), Trimble Navigation, Starling Differential Navigation, VmDas Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, Captain Navigation

T. Baker Smith – Houma, LA November 2005 to April 2007

Hydrographic Technician/Party Chief

  • Responsible for data processing and collection

  • Operation: 25-30 Foot Offshore Survey Vessels, Onboard Navigational Aids (ie: maps, charts, compass, channel markers, VHF Radio, etc.) Side Scan Sonar, Innerspace Fathometer, Sub-bottom Profiler, Magnetometer

  • Software: Hypack, AutoDesk Map, AutoCad, Digibarb Pro, Sonar Map, Sonar Pro, Sea Link, Trimble GPS

Instrument Man/Party Chief

  • Responsible for the collection of field data

  • Operation: Survey Boats, Spud Barges, ATVs. Skiffs, Marsh Buggy, Pirogues,

Air Boats, GPS Total Station, Differential GPS, Conventional Total Station,

Level & Rod, Sampling Equipment, Pipe Locater & Gradiometer

  • Software: Trimble & Carlton Collectors

Built By Design - Baton Rouge, LA July 2005 to October 2005

Carpentry- Trim and Finish, Demolition, Remodel, Add-ons

FirstCall Network, Inc. - Baton Rouge, LA July 2005 to October 2005

Operator & Maintenance (Part time)

  • Call center operator responsible for a 24/7 emergency response hotline.

  • Responsible for day to day building maintenance- A/C, Wiring, Landscape, Exterior and Interior Repair.

Foto System - Salvadore, Brazil April 2005 to July 2005

Management Intern

  • Supervision of Photo Shop, Field Installation, Vinyl Work, Signage, and multiple shop locations.

  • Software: Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw.

United States Military September 1999 to September 2003

Department of the Army

  • Crew Chief: Responsible for all aspects of tracking maintenance, installation of parts and maintaining readiness of UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters.

  • Non-Rated Crew Member RL1 (Readiness Level 1): Responsible for all loads (internal or external), passenger and their security, providing aircraft security, aerial surveillance, and obstacle clearance in all modes of flight.

MAC Tools - Columbus, OH January 1999 to August 1999

Direct Sales Representative

  • Responsible for generating sales of tools and promotional items for a 300 customer mobile route.

Henderson Chrysler Jeep Automotive Dealership - Baton Rouge, LA

Automotive Services Technician May 1996 to December 1998

  • Responsible for all areas of service and repairs to customer vehicles.

Automotive Detailer and Service Assistance January 1995 to May 1996

  • Worked primarily in Detail Shop and worked in all areas as needed during summer breaks, holidays and after school.

Hi-Nabor Supermarket - Baton Rouge, LA June 1995 to October 1995

  • Stock Clerk



Crewmember Tasks

Base Tasks

1000 Crew Mission Brief

1005 Pre-flight Inspection

1007 Engine Start thru Shutdown

1010 Oper Checks ALSE

1014 Maintain Air Space Surveillance

1023 Fuel Management

1032 Slope Operations

1042 Refueling Operations

1065 Emergency Egress

1068 Emergency Procedures

1069 Hand/Arm Signals

1070 Obtain Fuel Sample

1071 Passenger Briefing

1079 Radio Commo Procedures

1095 Operate ASE

1137 Crew Level AAR

Mission Tasks

2001 Rolling Takeoff

2009 Evasive Maneuvers

2009 Multi Aircraft Operations

2016 External Load Operations

2017 Internal Load Operations

2046 Prepare Aircraft for Mission

2072 Emergency Procedure NVD Failure

2079 Terrain Flight Navigation

2081 Terrain Flight

2083 Negotiate Wire Obstacles

2086 Masking & Unmasking

2087 Terrain Flight Deceleration

2090 Tactical Commo Procedures

2002 Fast Rope Insertion

2010 Rappelling Operations

2013 Paradrop Ops

2088 ID US/Allied and Threat Equipment


Additional Tasks

3001 Air Volcano Operations

3003 Snow/Sand/Dust Operations

3005 APU Operations

Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test – T 1285 – Jan. 2001


Open Water

DAN Oxygen First Aid Provider – 11/2009

Emergency First Response (CPR) – 11/2009

Louisiana SBDC (small business development center)

Export/Import 4-Part Seminar Series – 08/2008

Personal References:

Mr. Tony Fontenot, Owner

Cajun Home Improvements, Inc.

107 Robin Lane

Schriever, LA 70395

Mr. Matthew Teague, Vice President

First Call Network Inc.

5423 Galeria Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Mr. Philip Jackson, Quality Assurance Specialist

ANTARES Technology Solutions, Inc.

8772 Quarters Lake Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70898