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(H) ♦ (C) ♦

A highly experienced Medical Clerk who has demonstrated the ability to perform in diverse, fast-paced environment. Strong communication skills with impressive track record of 15 years of hands-on experience in a hospital environment. Proven ability to manage hospital documentation systems, interact with health Care professionals in both the public and private sector and provide exceptional customer support.


♦ Systematic ♦ Flexible ♦ Tolerant ♦ Organized ♦ Detail-oriented ♦ Goal-directed ♦ Team Player
♦ Self-Motivated ♦ Resilient under extreme working conditions ♦


TRIDENT REGIONAL MEDICAL, Charleston, South Carolina
Medical Records Librarian (2005-2008)

·  Maintained responsibility for over 1,500 existing and active patient medical records.
·  Assiste