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Johnny Phelps


[email protected]

643 Prairie Star Circle

Colorado Springs, CO 80916

To obtain a challenging position within a environment that will utilize my skills to the benefit of my prospective employer and myself. I currently in a operations manager position supporting the war fighter. However I like all area’s of the technical world


Personal Characteristics

Driven & Results Oriented Intelligent Solid Leader Skillful Communicator Creative Problem Solver Independent & Self Reliant

Supportive Team Player Analytical & Methodical Deeply Customer Focused

Networking Experience Abilities

  • Network Implementation Design Specialist/Consultant. Network Manager or Systems Manager,

Network Help Desk Manager.

  • Advanced knowledge and proficiency in network protocols; addressing schemes; and networking components. Switches, routers, LAN technology, Satellite modems VPNS.

  • Understands the process of digital media transmission protocol terminology.

  • Able to install network analysis software, monitor, analyze, and maximize the performance of networks.

  • Advanced knowledge and proficiency in Protocol Analysis and Trace Analysis.

  • Identify major architectures -including SNA, DEC, TCP/IP and AppleTalk -as found in live networking environments.

  • The structure and function of major architectures; and given a specific physical environment, recommend the best architecture for that environment.

  • The ability to work with Network technicians and support engineers to solve all issues.

  • Able to demonstrate knowledge/design and layout of cable wiring platforms; and electrical platforms.

  • Able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of WAN technologies, including ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, and Tl.

  • Advanced knowledge of various internetworking support protocols such as the spanning tree algorithm, source route/transparent bridging, BO2.1Q and BO2.1p.

  • Configure standard and value-added features in switches including store-and-forward, fast forward, flow management, broadcast control, remote access setup, and management.

  • Design, implementation, and configuration of VLANs based on a port membership model.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of distance-vector as well as link-state routing protocols such as OSPF; articulate the characteristics of IGP and EGP as deployed in and between autonomous systems, and demonstrate understanding of routing concerns such as split horizon and convergence efficiency.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the operation as well as the deployment strategies of enterprise security mechanisms including application proxies, screened host firewalls, bastion hosts, demilitarized zones, virus protection programs, and solutions for guarding against common types of security vulnerabilities.

  • Advanced knowledge of client/server application protocols such as 5MB, NCP, and NFS through trace analysis.

  • Demonstrate the network design process including the system development life cycle; gathering business, user and application requirements; developing a requirements specification; base lining, analyzing, and estimating network traffic volumes; developing a logical network design specification, working the physical network/cable plant design.

  • Advanced knowledge of network design considerations in the areas of performance, connectivity, convergence, availability, and scalability.

  • Advanced knowledge of network architectures and component selection in the planning, designing, and implementation of solutions arising from the study and analysis of business problems.


  • Global Network Operations supervisor supporting the war fighter

  • Supports 24/7 theater operations as well as conus

  • Management reporting on a daily basis of Global Noc performance and metrics. Trouble tickets and one call, one stop solution.

  • Recruited and screened new hires for technical support positions.Many postions managing personnel as few as three to several hundred on day to day basis.

  • Developed new hire training programs, quality control monitoring groups, and employee incentive based programs.

  • Maintained thorough knowledge, demonstrated, promoted product at all times.

  • Managed Soldiers from Platoon to Company size elements until retiremnet

  • Managed inbound customer escalations as a Customer Support Supervisor.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Managed complex executive technical escalations.

  • Managed inbound customer escalations (disconnection of services.) Acted as a liaison between all departments coordinating all facets of resolving the customer’s issues with a “win/win” for all.

  • Provided Customer Service, Technical and Telephone Sales support using my excellent communication skills in an inbound call center environment.

  • Responsible for researching and offering solutions to a complex customer base.



Johnny Phelps


  • Remedy. Helpdesk support

  • Operating Systems: Linux, Unix , Solaris Windows all versions and Windows 2003 Server

  • Programming Languages C,C++,XML,Perl ,SQL,Pascal, Java,HTMLl, Assembly, VIisual Basic, networking,

  • HARDWARE Installation of all hardware network cards, video cards, routers switch's hubs.

  • Printers, all forms of hardware interfaces Wans/Lans “Heat Tickets “ Remedy

  • Northrop Grumman Corporation assigned in the middle east five different occasions supporting the war fighter.Presentlty assigned in Conus supporting the Global Nocs for world events. Conus & Oconus 2004 -present

  • WOW Internet & Cable; Supervisor/Technical Support 2001-2004

  • Corvel Corporation; Lan Administrator; January 1999- August 2001

  • Home Depot Home Improvement Center Plumbing April 1998- January 1999

  • 1980-1998 US ARMY (RETIRED) Information Systems and Radars

  • B.A., Computer Information Systems, Regis University

  • B.A., Networking, Regis University

  • Matriculating Masters; CISSP, Network Security, Regis University, October 2005

  • Systems administration Security 2007

  • Networking (NACSE Certified)

  • Webmaster (NACSE Certified/ NSNS/NSNE)

  • NACSE Senior Network Specialist / Engineer

(NANS Certificate plus knowledge in Network Fundamentals, LANS, WANS, and Network Architectures,

Processes & Protocols, the Internet, Webmasters, Internetworking Devices and Network Design, Management

And Measurements.

  • Awarded accommodation Award in support of the FBCB2 Program from 2004 -2007.

  • Best automated TRAINING Office/Department in 1995

  • Best Radar repair and operations)

  • Best Mobile networks

  • Best-automated office in the U.S Army

  • Awarded sales associate of the month


Employment History