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What does ResumeBucket give me?
First and foremost, you have a free, unique URL. For example, Gengis Khan might put on his business card when shopping around for the next country to invade.

ResumeBucket is a place where you can store, share, and access your resume: anywhere, anytime, online.

It solves these common problems:

  • I don't have my resume on me.
  • I haven't updated my resume in forever.
  • I'm driving/travelling out of town.
  • I don't have a resume!
Now it's all available online wherever you are.

20 seconds after signup you'll have:

  • A Unique url(i.e. containing your resume converted to the web.
  • Metrics displaying your resume's visitors.
  • Web-Based messaging center to other users and friends/coworkers.
  • Access to our ResumeBuilder tool for those users looking for a fresh start!
What is ResumeBucket?
ResumeBucket is a place on the web for professionals to store, edit, and publicly publish their resume under a unique URL. ResumeBucket provides a single, convenient, simple and always-available way for professionals to manage their identity and to easily and effortlessly maintain and share this identity with recruiters and hiring managers. Unlike job boards, ResumeBucket simplifies life for individuals by conveniently maintaining their professional identity. Unlike talent management systems, ResumeBucket serves the needs of the job seeker, not the corporate HR departments.
Will my resume become visible in search engines?
Yes! Our system is built to find keywords in your resume and use them to generate what are called meta tags within your page, which helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN to pick up your resume and begin displaying it on search results. Eventually typing your name into a search engine will show your ResumeBucket resume, as well as getting listed in searches for words contained in your resume(i.e. Accountant, Business Law Degree, etc).
What if I have multiple versions of my resume?
Currently we allow you to store up to 20 versions of your resume on our servers. At any time, you can mark any individual resume your "primary" resume, which will make that resume the one displayed both on your home page and to all other users looking at your page. Soon we will allow you to have multiple URLS for multiple resumes, for example:

This feature will be free and coming shortly.
How do I know who is looking at my resume?
You have full access via our Metrics section, as well as being shown basic stats right on your homepage. We allow you to view both how often your resume is getting viewed, and who is looking at your resume(obviously there is more information here if the viewer is logged into the site, but simple information is displayed regardless). All information is displayed both in graphical and textual formats and can be sorted and manipulated as needed.
How much does ResumeBucket cost?
It's free! We aren't going to charge you for uploading your resume... ever.
Resume Conversion
Why does my resume not look the same after I use the resume uploader / converter?
We have tried very hard to make the converter accept all kinds of resumes and display them cleanly on the web. However, we're not perfect and neither is the converter. Luckily we have provided a full array of text editing tools(similar to the tools in Microsoft Word) in order to allow you to edit your resume once it has been converted in order to make it look as best as possible on the web. Feel free to play around with some of the different buttons and options on our editor, as it can make a huge difference in the visual appeal of your resume.

If your resume is simply too far out of whack to edit it back to normal, you could also consider rewriting your resume through our ResumeBuilder.

Why can't I upload a .PDF(Adobe Acrobat)?
Sorry, our converter currently doesn't support PDF conversion. We're working on it!
I receive an error when converting my resume
Unfortunately, in order to allow an ease of use surpassing the traditional resume website out there, conversion is not 100% accurate. We do the best that we can, but sometimes some resumes are just too complicated for our application. One suggestion is copying the text of your resume into a rich text editor like WordPress or WordPad, and then copying again from there into our online editor. I know, it’s jenky, but it helps. We are actively working to improve conversion in order to allow every type of resume out there work right off the bat, but in the meantime there is a great ResumeBuilder to make a new, clean online resume!
Resume Creation
Can I add custom HTML and Styling to my resume?
The answer is yes! Click the "Edit HTML" button and you will be able to add custom scripts, custom styling and more!
What can people see when viewing my resume?
When someone browses to your resume(i.e. by typing in or by coming through some other means such as a search engine, they will see your full resume formatted for the web. They will also see basic information about you, such as your name, job title, and general location. We will not display any information not within your resume that might be considered more private, such as address, phone numbers, etc.
How can I communicate with other users on ResumeBucket?
We have a fully functional message center that allows you to send messages within ResumeBucket. You may also easily forward your resume to email addresses as needed.
What if I don't want my resume public? Or I want it to be password protected so people need to ask me before viewing?
Head over to the account settings tab, under the privacy area, look for the password protected link. From there you can set a private password. Once your password is enabled, all other users must type it in before viewing your resume. This will allow you to control who views your resume(i.e. you can give your password to a hiring manager when you go in for an interview).
How do I change my password and other personal information?
All personal information, including your password and name, is stored within our Personal Information available on the menu you see to your left(if you’re logged in, that is). There’s a lot of other information you can add here if you like, in order to let others know just exactly who you are.
I deleted my resume, but it still shows my information on Google?
Once your resume is deleted from our database your unique URL will no longer show the uploaded resume. However since your information has been online Google has indexed and cached your page. Meaning that even after your resume is cleaned from our database the page, along with any information you put on it, may still show up if you "Google" your name. It can take search engines up to six weeks to realize there is no longer any data on that page, to expedite this process and immediately remove this information, please visit the following link: