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Company Description

Today’s consumers respond less to traditional advertising and more to real-life experiences. Sensory, exciting, immersive events with a human touch can transform the way consumers think about products and brands.

Triple Point is part of Daymon Interactions, global leaders in Experience Marketing. Our approach includes dedicated teams to provide effortless, worry-free event management. Our innovative technology manages staffing resources while also providing real-time data, measurable results and actionable analysis for every event. Our capabilities include:

In-Store Events and Promotions - We’ll help you find the right personality, look and skill-level for your product, brand or environment. 

Mobile Tours - More than just ads on wheels. Our mobile marketing programs can reach large numbers of potential customers across all age groups. 

Bilingual/Ethnic Marketing - Our Brand Ambassadors reach across borders to new demographics. 

Sports Marketing - From NASCAR to the PGA, from soccer stadiums to boxing rings, Triple Point ambassadors can turn sports fanatics into fans of well-positioned products and brands. 

Street Teams - Street teams can hand out marketing materials or promotional samples, serve as walking billboards, or engage consumers in conversation….or all of the above. 

Nightlife Programs - The right Brand Ambassadors can generate priceless buzz in music venues, nightclubs, and other nightlife hotspots. 

Generational/Youth Marketing - Connecting with the millennial, tween and teen audience requires a special understanding of their fast-evolving lifestyles, habits and trends – and credible ambassadors who can speak their language. 

Viral/Guerilla Marketing - Creative, unconventional Experience Marketing campaigns can leverage our high-energy ambassadors to get maximum impact and generate word-of-mouth.