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Phone Actress Phone Job


We are looking for women with great personalities and

an interest in stimulating conversation for our Phone

Actress jobs. You will get to talk one on one with our

clientele about Interesting and exciting subject matter.

Phone Actress works by providing you with a system

access phone number to contact at the times you wish

to work. You may work as much or as little as you

would like, to suit your schedule. You will then be

connected live with people from across America.

visit to apply


  • Our Phone Jobs require an interference free telephone
  • line with the ability to disable Call Waiting is required.
  • This can be a home based land line, cellular,
  • Smartphone, even a Skype or Vonage connection. An
  • unlimited long distance calling plan is required.
  • Because the nature of conversation varies widely, our
  • Telephone Actress Jobs require that you must be 18
  • years of age or older. A current valid state issued ID is
  • required to apply.

Skills and Experience:

  • We have Phone Actress positions available for women with little to no experience and for those experience Phone Actresses.
  • You be the boss and dictate when and for how long you want to work, making it perfect to fit into tight schedules or a great way to turn lots of free time into income! If you think you are a candidate for a Telephone Actress Job, apply today!