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  • With over 350,000 users, ResumeBucket is the fastest growing free employment site in the world. With ResumeBucket you can quickly create a company profile and begin posting free jobs within minutes.

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  • Over 1,500 employers already post free jobs on ResumeBucket. With companies like Accenture, Aflac, America Online, Dell, IBM, Yahoo!, Twitter and more already using ResumeBucket, our site boasts an active and responsive employer community.
  • We distribute your job listings to other free job posting sites such as SimplyHired, in order to increase your listing's exposure and save you time from having to post all new jobs on countless job boards.
  • Our company profile pages and free job postings show up in all popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, further increasing your reach to potential employees.
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  • Need to fill a job position or peruse some candidates? We can help you. Search through thousands of online resumes for FREE. ResumeBucket boasts hundreds of thousands of active resumes, with over 1,500 new resumes added by candidates every day.

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  • View and contact candidates. find work status, see availability and location, view work experience, and more through ResumeBucket's unique, portfolio-style resume pages.
  • Find candidates in sales, management, technology, construction, accounting, automotive, human resources, biotechnology, and services industries. ResumeBucket appeals to all industries across the country.
  • Looking to start your own business? ResumeBucket is the perfect place to discover like-minded individuals in the area of your choosing, whether for partnering or for potential jobs. Use our social networking tools to reach out to others outside of your network about new thoughts and ideas.
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  • No geographic limitations. Full, national access.

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  • Search for specific keywords or phrases in Job Titles, Company Names, or School Names
  • Reach out to candidates directly through their resume with ResumeBucket's communication tools.
  • ResumeBucket has received rewards and recognition from companies such as Mashable's 10 Great Social Sites for ResumeBuilding and Fast Company's top resource for job searches in 2010.
  • Build on industry-standard open source technology to offer the most dynamic employment services on the Web.
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