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Brian O. Hatfield

5434 W. Desert Hills Dr.

Glendale, Arizona 85306


UNITED STATES AIR FORCE-Avionics Technician-Locations Worldwide 1975-1995


BOEING AIRCRAFT COMPANY-Renton, Washington Aug-Nov 1998

PITNEY BOWES CORPORATION-Phoenix, Arizona Mar 1999-Dec 2003

U.S. GYPSUM Corporation-Glendale, Arizona Mar 2004-Oct 2005

ST MICROELECTRONICS-Phoenix, Arizona Oct 2005-April 2009

SEARS HOLDINGS LLC-Mesa Az April 2009-Oct 2009





- Operated, maintained and repaired “Hot” mock up of F4-D weapons control system down to discrete

component level.

- Performed calibration of F4-D weapons control system, verifying integrity of system operation

- Repaired, maintained and performed operational checks on avionics systems on all variants of F16

aircraft up to and including GPS and terrain navigation systems, all associated wiring and transmitting


- Enviromental and stress evaluation of component assemblies in static and dynamic modes of operation

- Software testing of prototype communications hardware

- Operation of Automated test stations for test and troubleshooting of circuit card assemblies down to

discrete component level

- Labratory technician for hardware and software development on F-22 aircraft communications systems

- Functional test technician/electrician 737 and 757 aircraft production lines.

-Customer service representative maintaining 11 computer networked production mailing systems

-Production Operator U.S. Gypsum

-Production Technician ST Microelectronics

-Laundry Technician Sears LLC



- Analysis and interpretation of prototype schematic, printed wiring board layout, and vendor artwork

ensuring validity and accuracy

- Analysis of system operation data to identify possible maintenance trends

- Evaluation of component assemblies to determine applicability to hardware configuration



- Implemented program of recurring evaluations of aircraft electronic countermeasure, navigation, and

penetration aid systems.

- Collection and data entry of Aircrew Maintenance discrepancies, disbursement and documentation of

aircraft maintenace records.



- Supervised and evaluated 10 technicians. Performed initial and upgrade training and certification of

personnel through on-the-job training, self study, and progress examination

- Managed laboratory facility/assets for over 40 engineers of various disciplines



- FCC Radiotelephone Operators License

-- A+ computer technician certification