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If you just want to know what ResumeBucket can provide for you, you can click here to take the tour.

Ever wish you had a way to share, revise, and tag your resume all at the same time? Look no further. ResumeBucket offers you the ease of editing, the power of sharing, and convenient access to your resume from anywhere on the planet.

Our primary goal is to make your interviewing and networking experiences easier. Now you'll never have to utter these phrases again...

  • I dont have my resume on me.
  • I haven't updated my resume in ages.
  • I am travelling right now, i will get it to you when I get back.
  • I will send it to you when I get home from work

ResumeBucket makes all of these problems go away. It's simple - upload your resume and we will take care of the rest. Adding your resume takes about 30 seconds, after which you will have many options available to you:

  • Your resume will be converted to a webpage and viewable online via a unique URL chosen by you, i.e. www.resumebucket.com/genghiskhan. It's a simple step from here to add this to your business cards, your blog, linkedin, myspace, facebook, or any other method you choose.
  • We will save your revision history in order to allow you to easily take a step back and experiment with changes. Or, store several different versions of your resume and instantly choose which one will be publicly available at any time.
  • Don't have a current resume? No Problem. ResumeBucket comes equipped with a ResumeBuilder that guides you through the creation process and builds you a perfect resume. Easy as pie.
  • You become instantly searchable online - we will submit keywords in your resume(name, job description, etc.) to Google and Yahoo so that your resume begins to come up in online searches.
  • View the metrics on your resumes - how often are you being view daily, weekly, monthly? Is that a hiring manager viewing your resume once a day, or just your proud Mother? Now you can keep track of this online without having to keep notes during a job search.
  • Communicate with other ResumeBucket users via our unique messaging center.

Resumebucket is commited to providing the best support and functionality for all your resume needs. Please play, share and enjoy. Let us know how we can make ourselves better to suit your needs. We love it when you contact us.

ResumeBucket was started in 2007 by a group of like-minded individuals with a desire to provide their community with an easy way to store and share resumes. As such, we are always interested in speaking with those wishing to collaborate with us, network, provide help, etc, please feel free to contact us at any time! We're best reached at [email protected] or call us at (909) 265-3157.


The ResumeBucket Team

Ted Hekman

Co-Founder, CEO
Ted Hekman is longstanding expert in HR and recruiting and has leveraged his extensive experience to co-found ResumeBucket. Serving as CEO, he is responsible for the strategic vision and day-to-day operations of the company.

Prior to founding ResumeBucket, Ted was co-founder and Vice President of Technical Recruiting for NeoHire, a leading recruitment agency servicing dotcom startups. Before that he served as a Senior Developer and Regional Account Executive at Low.com, where he helped create and implement a self-service lead generation platform called LeadMatch.com, building sales to $1M annually. Ted also worked at WebTone Technologies, where as a Developer and Project/Product Manager he built the internal human resources tools which were then later also adapted by Fidelity (after acquisition)

Ted attended Alleghany College and is a member of IAEWS.



Josh Stomel

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development
ResumeBucket is Josh's brainchild, incubating the company and raising the capital for its launch in 2008. His goal was to create an easy to use online resource that enables candidates to have a superior way to raise their personal brand and increase their visibility as they search for a job. As head of business development, he is responsible for formulating affiliate marketing relationships and expanding the site.s functionality.

Prior to ResumeBucket, Josh and Ted founded the innovative recruiting agency Neohire and oversaw its development into a $10M company. Earlier in his career, Josh served as a strategic recruiter for Oversee.net, Senior Business Development for Low.com, as well as senior technical recruiter for Yahoo.

Josh attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and also studied international marketing at the London Business School.



George Gearhart

Director of Technology
George has over 15 years experience working in the technology industry and is thoroughly knowledgeable in critical business functions including web applications and server development. As ResumeBucket.s director of technology, he is primarily responsible for developing new software and search engine optimization (SEO).

Prior to joining ResumeBucket, George was a Senior SEO Project Manager and SEO Analyst at The Search Agency, where he oversaw SEO strategies for the agency.s clients. Earlier in his career he was a technical trainer and software/web development expert for Acumen Consulting. Prior to that, he was responsible for IT-related support and development for multiple departments at Socket Internet Services.

George attended University of Missouri-Columbia.s School of Engineering, is a Cisco certified network associate and a CompTIA certified technical trainer.