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1 Jan 10

Michael Edward Clegg, Ret CW3, 496-62-7530, 23 Apr 61, ,

Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Global Operations and Supply Chain Management, Capella University (In Progress 8/16 classes with 4.0 GPA)
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, University of New York, Albany, NY
Defense Language Institute (DLI) Spanish Language 25 week course, Monterey, California
High School Diploma, Hazelwood West High School, Hazelwood, Missouri
Top Secret Clearance from 1984-1999 retirement

SUMMARY: I have been in military and civilian leadership positions for upwards of 30 years to include Special Agent in Charge of the largest geographical area for the Criminal Investigations Division/Command (CID) and General Manager (GM) of two different large retail operations. My experiences have forced me to identify and develop my own personal values through diversity and self assessment. I perceive them as integrity, commitment, loyalty, competence, courage and initiative. Some of the basic building blocks I possess which benefit an employer include refined personal communications skills, a high level of common sense, strong educational background, high energy level and authentic leadership style which exudes enthusiasm from subordinates.

BREAKDOWN: As a Military Policeman I worked independently as a Patrolman, Desk Sergeant, SRT Team Leader, Patrol Supervisor, Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant. I was exposed to high stress and emotionally charged situations which helped prepare me to be calm under pressure and firm when decisiveness is required. I aspired into leadership positions on an accelerated basis being promoted ahead of peers. I applied and was selected by the US Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID) to become a federally accredited CID Special Agent. I had a highly technical job investigating homicides, rapes, weapons/drug crimes and frauds. This prepared me for the analytical phase of my career path and required meticulous documentation. I worked in a number of undercover roles to include a joint task force in Central/South America, a team chief in both El Paso, and Europe and operative in Northern California for counter narcotics. I developed organizational skills and broadened my ability to address complex issues. Multitasking was a requirement and I became very good at managing personnel and resources.
I worked jointly with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), US Secret Service, and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) as well as numerous state, local and foreign investigative services. I also deployed in support of a joint readiness exercise with the Special Operations Command as the primary hostage negotiator in Belize. I was the lead supervisory agent in a joint investigation with ATF across the Midwest which resulted in the recovery of about 100 claymore mines and numerous automatic weapons and explosives which had been diverted from government channels.
The specific training classes and experiences associated with the occupation of Special Agent such as hostage negotiations, interview and interrogations and US Customs Profiling increased my proficiency in verbal and nonverbal communication. I also made public presentations to US Attorneys, high ranking civilian and military personnel and appearances in court enhancing my public speaking competencies. Once promoted to CID Warrant Officer I served in the capacity of Team Chief, Criminal Intelligence Coordinator, and ultimately Special Agent in Charge where I supervised all aspects of felony investigations, and interacted with all levels of military and civilian leadership in a highly charged political climate.
As a General Manager of a medium sized retail operation I became proficient in Profit and Loss (P&L) related activities as well as oversight of logistics, personnel and organizational issues. I further refined my abilities in the art of leadership and management. I led personnel by coaching, empowering and involving them in a shared vision as well as mentoring them to the next level of their upward progression. At this level of management it became imperative to differentiate leadership and management and I reacted accordingly. I was involved in all aspects of human resource issues and managed training programs.
I have a diverse background which has provided me with a plethora of skills and experiences. I have become a highly developed asset with the desire and drive to aspire into a level five leader. I am looking to advance into a position of greater responsibility with daily challenges and broad responsibilities. I am motivated to work hard and lead by example, determined to do the right thing and humble enough to self critique on a regular basis and adjust course on the fly. I take pride in my work and my organization and represent my organization in a professional manner. I have acquired the vision to see the big picture and be proactive to create and achieve visionary goals by thinking outside the box. I care for others and convey a level of excitement with my enthusiasm. I am at the pinnacle of my development and ready for the next step in my career path to fulfill high expectations of excellence.
My most recent positions are all in high level civilian management positions as well as my advanced education in Business Administration. I have refined my skills to organize, manage, lead and mentor. I have been involved in the executive management decisions which involve the corporate vision, implementation and execution of business plans, profit & loss statements, balance sheets, corporate projections and oversight of all facets of a multi-million dollar corporation. I have experienced direct interaction with complex automation, human resources, logistical, financial and personnel issues in depth. Infrastructure and management issues have become second nature and I became proficient in self critiquing and conducting after action reviews of significant programs. I have served in national and international affairs successfully and ascertained a full understanding of multi-cultural operations and the challenges associated with that arena.


2009-Present President of Sales, small roofing company
2009-2009 Test and Evaluation Coordinator, TECO, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri
2008-2009 Government Liaison/Security Escort/FSR, Caterpillar Reset Program, Balad Air Base, Iraq
1999-2008 General Manager (midsized multi-store retail operation $450,000.00 monthly)
1984-1999 CID Special Agent and Special Agent in Charge, Top Secret SBI Clearance 1984-1999
1999-1984 Military Policeman and Military Police Supervisor

Basic Training, Ft. McClellan, AL (8 weeks)
Military Police School, Ft. McClellan, AL (8 weeks)
Primary Leadership Course (NCO Dev), Ft. California (4 weeks)
Non-Commission Officers Course (NCO Dev), Ft. McClellan, AL (8 weeks)
CID Basic Agent's Course, Ft. McClellan, AL (10 weeks)
Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California (25 weeks)
Warrant Officer Entry Course, Ft. Rucker, AL (6 weeks)
Warrant Officer Tech and Tactical Course, Ft. McClellan, AL (8 weeks)
Warrant Officer Orientation Course, Washington D.C., (2 weeks)
Protective Services School, Ft. McClellan, AL (3 weeks)
Hostage Negotiation Course, Ft. McClellan, AL (2 weeks)
Advanced Fraud Investigation Course, Ft. McClellan, Al (4 weeks)
U.S. Customs Narcotic Trafficker Profiling Course, Miami, FL (2 weeks)
Narcotic Trafficking Investigations, Hub Organizations, Portland, OR
DEA Basic Narcotics Course, Ft. McClellan, AL (2 weeks)
Major Narcotics Investigations, Mobile Training Team, El Paso,
Child Abuse Investigations Course, Polygraph Institute, SF, CA (2 weeks)
Child Abuse Investigations Course (CAPIT), Ft. McClellan, AL (3 weeks)
Officer Safety and Field Tactics, Santa Rosa, CA
Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Santa Rosa CA
Detection of Fraud in AAFES Facilities, Ft. McClellan, AL
Protection of Public Officials, California State Police, Sacramento, CA
Fraud Investigations, Houston,
Counter-Drug Investigations Course, Ft. McClellan, AL
Alcohol and Drug Coordinator's Course, ADACP, Republic of Panama
Warrant Officer's Advanced Course Phase I
Supervisory Development Course, Ft. Eustis, VA
BTMS Trainers Course, Presidio of San Francisco, CA
Sales Training, Doolittle Distribution
Hostage Negotiations, Institute of Public Svc, Gainesville, GA
Family Advocacy Staff Training, Multi Victim Course, Ft. Sam Houston,
Advanced Drivers Training, US Army South, Panama
Advanced Sales Training, Metro Builders Supply
Sales Training, Dacor Corporation
Defense Acquisition Management, Fort Lee, Virginia
GSA Bid E-lab

Military Awards:
3 - Overseas Service Ribbons, 2 - Non-Commissioned Officer Development Ribbons,
1 - Humanitarian Service Ribbon, 3 - Army Achievement Medals (AAM),
4 - Army Commendations Medals (ARCOM), 4 - Meritorious Service Medals (MSM)



Critical Thinking
Active Listening
Reading Comprehension
Learning strategies
Spanish language level 2/3, DLI

Complex problem solving
Time management skills
Analytical thinker
Multitasking ability
Pursuing vision with enthusiasm
Complex investigations training

Managing through multi-cultural obstacles
Coaching, counseling and empowering
Management of financial, material and personnel resources
Operating multiple locations with warehouse operation
Oversight of automated system, procurement and administration
Training of Personnel

Concentration requirement in Sociology
Coordinating and Instructing
Negotiation and Persuasion
Interaction with foreign nationals
Service Orientation
Social Perceptiveness
Team Building
Public Speaking

Interaction with complex integrated automated management program
Warehousing, shipping and logistical expertise

Data analyst
Law Enforcement, Investigative and Security
Sales and Training
General Management