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Brenda Edwards

  • [email protected]
  • Phone: 682-438-9054
  • 3434 E Lancaster Ave. , #302
  • FORT WORTH , TX 76103

Customer Service



09/20/2007  - 06/06/2009
University of Montana
Major: Information Technology


Name: none

Professional Experience

02/15/1983  - 4/22/2010

During this time, while primarily a homemaker, I held down a variety of short-term and temporary jobs, including customer service, clerical, secretarial, telemarketing, receptionist and other office-related employment


6/24/1974  - 2/14/1983
Office Manager
W & B Builders, Inc.

Executive Secretary to President of company. Office Manager and Administrative Assistant. Responsible for maintenance of all files, personnel records, employee insurance, hiring and firing of office and field staff, composition of a variety of correspondence, including letters, reports, contracts and corporate minutes.


4/23/2010  - 10/07/2011
Fund Raiser
Etsell, Inc. (aka Shrine Services)

Contacted businesses and private individuals by telephone in order to raise funds to send special needs children to the annual Shrine Circus in Fort Worth. This job is an annual job for only seven months out of each year.



Name: Chuck Bowlilng
Title: Project Manager
Company: Etsell, Inc.

Mt. Bowling was my direct supervisor for the two years I worked for Shrine Services.